Leaning Monument by Annie Parnell

Object  /  Abstract
Hand built, glazed.

Annie Parnell's small-format works consist of constructions of fine strands, rods, or bands, preferably on plinths, over which glaze is poured, which trickles down in thick drops, gets caught in the openings and furrows and runs into them, accumulates on the base in large puddles of glaze. By pausing the state of flow and by the impression of the fluentness caught in a moment, her works convey at the same time dynamism and calm. It is her concern to experiment with new techniques and forms of construction. She would like to set herself apart from traditional ceramics with their characteristics of virtuosity and controlled results in order to allow more space for chance and to use this to achieve unusual works. In this way, she spontaneously and unplanned applies thick layers of glaze to fine, delicate shapes, which leads to interactions under heat. This in turn hinders or promotes the flow of the ceramic material or distorts the shapes. After firing, the flow of the glaze is stopped and retained in the shape it achieved by chance. Annie Parnell relates her ceramic experiments to feminist theory. The ceramic process thus also becomes a feminist questioning of patriarchal traditions in ceramics.

Annie Parnell
Leaning Monument
Stoneware, porcelain.
14 x 3 x 3 cm
Photo by:
Andrew Sikorski

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