The Polder by Annora Poppe

Necklace  /  Conceptual   Narrative
Aluminum: cased; sodalite: drilled, sanded.
Annora Poppe's work reflects her inspiration from nature and landscape, especially from that of her childhood - a farm in Noordoostpolder in the Netherlands. It was only during her studies that she became aware of the influence the polder landscape and its surroundings had on her. The wide landscape areas on the former seabed were carefully planned, drawn, and precisely laid out. The landscape with its straight, clear lines shows lush colours in spring, but deep grey tones in winter. It is an artificial landscape created by machines and human hands, an environment in which culture and nature are connected. Annora Poppe relates the choice and handling of the material in her work to the handling of the landscape in this area of the Netherlands, evincing respect for its strength, power, and beauty. The works combine different stones and metals. These remain clearly separated from each other, giving the works a certain additive, but definite and clear quality. An archaic appearance is particularly noticeable in the metal parts, which results from the irregular shape of the individual elements, their rough surface, and the unusual closures.
Annora Poppe
The Polder
Aluminum, sodalite.
42 x 20 x 6 cm
Unique piece

Talente 2022. Masters of the Future

Photo by:
Jekaterina Smirnova

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