Z.W. 485/1680 GR by Anouck Kuyckx


Around the world, there are large amounts of waste produced day in, day out, which have a harmful impact on the climate. This amount is closely linked to our consumption and production patterns. Z.W.1680 GR is a practice-oriented research about the possibilities and limitations of zero waste within the design and production process of a handbag. By cutting and pleating techniques the vegetable tanned leather is transformed into a three-dimensional functional form. By keeping the material as intact as possible, it can be easily disassembled and reused after its life cycle. Simple systems, aesthetics and minimalism form the basis for a collection of zero waste handbags.
Anouck Kuyckx
Z.W. 485/1680 GR
30 (70 cm with handle) x 24 cm
From series:
Z.W.1680 GR

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