The Secret of the Old Clock by Becky McDonah

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Capturing Curiosity: The Secret of the Old Clock
What every girl should long to be… this clever and capable girl, who was not one to gossip, possessed the ability to be bold and brave while helping people who were in trouble. Nancy Drew has inspired many generations and filled many heads with dreams of solving mysteries or discovering hidden clues. The spirit of confidence and curiosity are the treasure that is contained in the pages of the Nancy Drew series. This brooch celebrates the detectives in all of us. From the 
backside a panel opens up to expose the spine of the first book of the series with a stone setting where the magnifying glass should be, and if you pull up on the top portion and rotate it, you will gain access to the imperative illumination (flashlight) contained within.
Becky McDonah
The Secret of the Old Clock
Cooper, brass, sterling, CZ, Nancy Drew book, watch.
8.9 x 5.1 x 2.5 cm
Photo by:
Becky McDonah

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