Workshop - A Participatory Jewellery Project by Brice Garret

Pendant  /  Conceptual   Figurative
Mold making, plaster casting, pigmenting.

“Workshop” is a participatory jewellery project that has been taking place with different groups since 2016 and in which the participants learn the basics of mould making and casting. They produce pendants and thus contribute to an installation. In this way, the aim is to examine and learn how the value of jewellery is conveyed, experienced and perceived when it is worn, viewed and manufactured. The starting point is the reflection and the memory of the participants' own personal jewellery. This is the inspiration to create pendants via clay mould making. The archetypal, jewellery-shaped casts are repeatedly divided, revised and produced together in the group. The result is a constantly growing, changing installation that deals with how materials and work processes can be changed and transformed. The pendants are of various shapes, including stylized floral, geometric and symbolic shapes or seem to be based on found objects. The colours tend to be pastel and matte. In his project, Brice Garrett emphasizes the social components of jewellery - in making and wearing and also reflects on the values of jewellery. Covid-19 completely changed the parameters for this project. Under the new circumstances, not only relationships with materials and objects have been questioned, but also public and private life, intimacy and the collective experiences with objects.

Brice Garret
Workshop - A Participatory Jewellery Project
Plaster, pigments, cord.
115 x 41 x 4 cm
Photo by:
Brice Garret

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