Mineral Pearl by Camille El-Achkar

“Eau Divine”, “Glow the day”,” Satin touch”, “Bare mineral” are all slogans that appeal to the imagination. The cosmetic industry sells these messages in luxurious packages, mentioning precious ingredients such as pearl, gold, diamond and minerals. These valuable materials are supposed to have 'magic' healing powers for the body. Of course, they are also the archetypes of beauty and jewellery. In this collection, I translate this 'precious' seduction into pieces of jewellery. What attracts us? Is it material itself, or is the thought of a noble ingredient sufficient? By transforming artificial materials into desirable jewellery, I want to make the wearer and viewer aware of the seduction techniques used by the cosmetic industry, where things are often put in the scene and not everything is what it seems. Whether these promises about the powers of cosmetics will fulfil is not certain, but their seduction is undeniable.
Camille El-Achkar
Mineral Pearl
Resin, brass, glitter, transfer foil.
7 x 4 x 3.5 cm
From series:
Capture Totale

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