Isambard by Caroline Thomas

Chain  /  Conceptual

This chain is inspired by the historic tradition of Victorian mourning jewellery, specifically that made from Whitby jet which was highly prized in the second half of the nineteenth century in England. Ornate and heavy chains, brooches and earrings were complemented by heavy black dresses, shoes, umbrellas, bonnets and veils. 
Taking the jet jewellery as inspiration I played with scale, decoration and the abstract notion of mourning and its heavy emotional weight.  My chain is on a large and impractical scale that can be worn but you would never forget you had it on, rather as the memory of a deceased loved one can never be erased from your life.
One end of the chain is connected to its neighbour by means of a wedding ring which, until she died just over six months ago, was worn by my mother for nearly sixty years.
Caroline Thomas
Polymer clay, oxidised copper wire, 18ct gold wedding ring.

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