I like to move it. Concert at the lake by Cathleen Kämpfe

Body piece  /  Conceptual   OnBody
MA thesis 2021
The feet stick to the floor, people stand tightly packed in a darkening room, the first sound begins. Live concerts of the kind that took place until spring 2020 were not possible for a long time. There were sound and image recordings, sometimes live broadcasts, but it didn‘t feel like a live concert. The topic of my master‘s thesis is the memory of live music and the atmosphere that goes with it. I researched how the past, fleeting moments can be translated into body-related objects.
Cathleen Kämpfe
Body piece
I like to move it. Concert at the lake
Brass, cotton, pulverized earth
ø 9 x 4 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Lara Köhler

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