Untitled by Cecilia Bjorertz

Earrings  /  Recycled
The saw and my hand creates parts of a whole. Followed up by well known movements of files. Earlier processed wood is curiously reshaped. The hands are leading, as the eyes assist. 
Silky smooth, warm but cool, wood soon accompanied by silver. The colder feeling from the metal gets warmed up fast by my skin. My hands handles both wood and metal gently. Supported by files, hammer and crochet hook form and surface emerges.
Jars lathed by unknown hands, today found at flee markets. Segments from three jars, now in the context of jewellery art, made to wear and touch. A caring, yet sadly necessary(?), homage regarding the hands capacity to observe and experience through the sense of touch.

Cecilia Bjorertz. BA Student
Cecilia Bjorertz
Reused wood (waxed), silver
2 x 4.5 x 15 cm
Unique piece

From series:
Hands on- to observe with the hand
Photo by:
Cecilia Bjorertz

Estimated price: 950 €

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