Urform by Celine O'Neal

Object  /  Organic
Unique piece

It is a gamble to deal with unresolved issues. Development can only arise if one has the courage to deal with the difficult questions that life has in store for us. Dare to find your own unresolved answers, they are not yet present and dwell hidden in the depths of yourself. The decision and the necessary courage to search for your own truth is the first step to its inherent answers that can lead to your real self. This path is neither easy to walk nor easy to find. But it is up to the seeker to even begin this journey. Only the seeker finds. And what one finds is a journey into the infinite depth of one‘s soul, which is fed by the spirit realm that we call life. The question of the soul and the inner form, as well as the original reason of all beings, is part of a philosophical/anthropological analysis of exploring the infinite realm of the soul. Escape the imposed veil of everyday life, find back to your own self, to the oneness and the beauty of life - our actual primordial forms. A series of objects by Celine O’Neal, guided and inspired by the hidden messages that nature taught her.
Celine O'Neal
Glass, copper.
ca. 40 x 60 cm
Photo by:
Petra Jaschke

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