Der Darm - Inside Out by Christina Reinisch

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This work investigates the aesthetic aspects of the taboo subject “guts” and stress-related diseases of the gut in art jewelry. Experimentation with real pig intestines is done to demonstrateproperties such as behaviour, look andThe piece prompts interaction with oneself by revealing the inner inside out. In the feel. Flexible tubes connect brass frames which are partially filled with membranes made of silicone imitate human intestine. Coral beads and freshwater pearls simulate enlarged and stylized pathogens.bestcase the playful approach leads to a reduction of stress.
The conflict between the topics aesthetics and intestinal health are being artistically processed through science and are thereby rendered socially acceptable.
Christina Reinisch
Der Darm - Inside Out
Brass, silicone, coral beads, freshwater pearls, threat.
Photo by:
Christina Reinisch

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