Seltsames Heimweh 01 by Constanza Salinas

Brooch  /  Conceptual   Narrative
Published: 28.11.2022
Constanza Salinas
Seltsames Heimweh 01
Jasper, Ixtle, stainless steel
Unique piece

From series:
Seltsames Heimweh

Working with stone has made me incorporate Time to the process. I believe you can see the Time I put into the work in the final piece, becoming an additional material on my workbench.

The marks left by tools breathe life into the material, telling us about the process.

I relate strongly to the stone as a material, I always come back to it. It makes me feel at home. 

In some stone pieces, I see landscapes. Reminders of places. Non-specific places could be anywhere. Some unidentified land that is always home.
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