Keeping It Hidden by Corin Herzog

Brooch  /  Figurative
3rd Place Winner.
Using chasing and repoussé this intricate piece represents something hidden and guarded. The face on the front of the brooch is inspired by Asian Guardian door knockers and sculpture. The Guardian holds a key and has one vigilant eye and one found object, inward-looking eye. Hidden from view behind the Guardian is a simple integrated door which also serves as a decorative element. Behind the door and inside the Guardian is a second element: a pendant that is not obvious because everything that makes this pendant wearable is concealed within the pendant itself. There is also juxtaposition in the materials and style used for the two separate elements. The exterior is a bold face using non-precious materials while the pendant is made from silver with a simple form using texture and negative space to make a cage. The discovery of looking beneath the bold exterior layers to find the hidden element and all the interconnected parts makes the piece whole.
Corin Herzog
Keeping It Hidden
Copper, brass, sterling silver, CZ, walnut.
10.2 x 6.4 x 2.2 cm
Photo by:
Corin Herzog

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