Dynamic responder by Cunshuo Ma

Necklace  /  Narrative

In my concept, jewellery worn on our body is amongst our most intimate possessions. If jewellery can bring different degrees of feedback from our body movement as an extension part of the wearer’s body, then the wearer and jewellery itself will have a harmonious relationship. With this collection, I want to achieve an interaction between jewellery and the human body by using the principles of kinetic art. On this basis, jewellery can produce certain kinds of physical feedback from our body movements. This feedback responds differently from different degrees of movements of the body (such as walking or running). In the design of a structure, I made three different kinds of structures to provide different reactions to jewellery. These are driven by wind when we are moving, or a spring in the structure. Influenced by the up and down movements of our body, jewellery can “breathe” as a part of our body, it has a rhythm dependent on our body.
Cunshuo Ma
Dynamic responder
Silver, brass, steel wire, feather, spring
17.5 x 25 x 7.5 cm
Photo by:
Yuxi Lu

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