The Power of Pearls by Dahan Einav

Bracelet  /  Design
Statement: The Power of Pearls is about the clashing aspects of femininity: tenderness versus fierce inner strength. In designing this collection, Dahan seeks to explore the symbolism of the inner space within which the pearl is set. Held within a silver structure and seeming to float, it represents softness. The designer explains: “The iconic pearl we know from classical jewelry symbolizes the correspondence between two images of femininity: the traditional woman, and the modern one, as I see her.” The choice of pink as a main theme emphasizes feminine youthfulness and juxtaposes it with mature womanhood. When the jewel is worn, the pearl becomes more than a traditional gemstone. It transforms into a marker and a focal point, inviting us to reexamine the relationship between jewelry and the body.
Dahan Einav
The Power of Pearls
Silver, pearls.

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