Satisfying Synaesthetic - The Creative Potential of Sensory Stimuli by Dajana Goldberg

Object  /  StillLife

Chance and surprise, creativity and design, emotions, and feelings. How would our reality change if we were able to shape it through our perception? To what extent can sensory stimuli be used in design to control our feelings and vice versa? 
Dajana Goldberg dedicates her master's thesis to the diversity of our sensory system. It is a research path with the background of the question to find a guideline with which emotions can be consciously addressed. Sensations are put in the foreground and the focus is on the possibilities of our consciousness. The unlimited palette of our sensory system offers sensory possibilities whose potential we do not use to the full. This journey into our perceptual system appeals to our intuition, the ability to observe things, to classify what we experience individually and to never lose the curiosity to question what we discover.
Dajana Goldberg
Satisfying Synaesthetic - The Creative Potential of Sensory Stimuli
20 x 8 x 2 cm

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