Untitled by David Bühler

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When designing his sideboard, David Bühler was particularly interested in an unusual original look. That is why he chose a circumferential "strip facade" so that the piece of furniture does not have the main view but can be viewed from all sides. The strip optics result in a special effect that changes according to point of view and light. The furniture is designed as a closed but at the same time permeable body. The open joints between the individual strips break through the surrounding front and enable a special play of light and shadow. The basic construction is tunnel construction, here the legs run right through and are connected with individual bridges. Strips glued into the bars close the body. This can be opened through a flap on the front. As this should not be visible at first glance, the individual strips of the flap are virtually connected on the inside with recessed head strips. The legs are slotted and take over the rhythm of the bars so that the row is not interrupted at the corners. The legs taper towards the bottom; so the joints slowly run into the floor and the lightness of the piece is retained.

David Bühler
Larch wood, black linoleum.
101 x 120 x 42 cm
Photo by:
David Bühler

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