Grounded by Dennis Demand

Vessel  /  Natural
Wheel turned, polished, sanded.

Dennis Demand is interested in the influence of organic materials on ceramic bodies. He experiments with the formation of bacteria during the decomposition process, with the creation of textures by adding different materials to the slurry and slip, and with the effects during the smoke fire. He also sees the responsibility of the artist-craftsman in dealing with the issues of sustainability and energy balance, which are reflected in his experiments. In his project “Grounded”, these considerations have an impact on the use of a low firing temperature and surface design using renewable raw materials. He is particularly interested in the capsule brand, which for him preserves the transience of nature in every object. The traces of the smoke burn and the soft-appearing surfaces that are created by the sanding give the work its special character. The simple cylinder shape and the atmospheric discoloration in the smoke give them both elegance and a restrained archaic note.

Dennis Demand
Low-sintering clay, capsule fired with organic materials such as bark, turnings and sawdust of various types of wood, salt, citrus peel and dried plants.
100 x 100 x 12 cm
Photo by:
Dennis Demand

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