Second skin by Diana Silva

As far as I am concerned life is made of good and bad memories, and every one is in our brain for ever and ever. Sometimes the brain blocks the bad memories, which helps; but this does not always happen. To help my brain I made eight pieces of jewellery, like a therapy. I use latex (second skin) to package old little objects, words or images.  
The human body is so delicate, so sensitive and not just psychologically but physically too.  I have the idea of protecting myself.  I constructed a shirt, my second skin, made in baby-pink very thin latex sheet. I covered the skin with little latex scales, a second skin similar to the skin of snakes. I added very long sleeves, like the image of old skin, not quite falling off like the skin of serpents. Protection is not really simple or innocent, it also functions as seduction. Seduction and temptation are connotations that remind us of old and powerful legends, histories and enchanted tales of serpents and dragons.
Diana Silva
Second skin
Mixed media

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