The Watchers by Dominique Zinkpè

Object  /  Narrative   Symbolic
Published: 24.02.2023
Dominique Zinkpè
The Watchers
Wood and acrylic
148 x 133 x 23 cm
Unique piece

This assemblage features intricately detailed wooden statuettes carved from individual pieces of solid wood and placed within a wooden frame crafted from an old canoe. Drawing on the Yoruba belief that twins hold special significance and powers,  each figurine recalls the tradition of families creating an Ibéji doll when a twin dies in infancy. The doll comes to represent the soul of the deceased in physical form so it can continue to be cared for on earth. Each statuette has been finely carved with individual details, then hand-painted with washes of pink and orange, a subtle yet profound reminder of the uniqueness of every individual.
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