Halla Jar by Dowon Kim

Vase  /  Design   Minimalism   Abstract

The Korean moon vases by Dowon Kim do not have a perfect aesthetic. In these special times, the slight imperfection of the form and the pleasant surface of the clay convey comfort and confidence, especially for a humanity that has become accustomed to striving for perfection. Dowon Kim uses clay in her work, in which she inserts various natural materials, including the peel of Halla, an orange that is native to a Korean island. The light and soft fibres give the ceramic a strong structure and reduce weight. The vase is only fired once at 600° C. Due to the low firing temperature and the addition of fibres, the ceramic can biodegrade more quickly. For other vases, Dowon Kim mixes the clay not only with orange fibres but also with eggshells. What is important to her is easy biodegradation and the avoidance of unnecessary CO² emissions, which is why she only uses leftovers from local food. The added materials create rough spots and irregular textures on the surface of the vessel, which give the work a special attraction and again convey the beauty of the imperfect.

Dowon Kim
Halla Jar
Ceramic (biomaterials).
30 x 25 x 30 cm
Photo by:
Dowon Jungkim

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