Hug by Doyoung Kim

Brooch  /  Playful   Conceptual
Published: 07.07.2021
Doyoung Kim
Silver, rubber, ink pad.
4 x 4 x 2 cm
From series:
Frog in the well

Once upon a time there was a frog. The frog lived alone in her well, she knew nothing but herself. She was proud of herself as a strong and independent frog. She believed she could do everything on her own, wherever she went, whatever she did. One day she wondered, “What would the world be like out of the well?” She stormed out, but the world outside the well was not what she expected. The world was wide and full of better frogs. She realized that she had been living alone in a small world. In the well she was the main character, in the outside world she was just a stranger. She wondered again, “Can I go back?”. But no, the frog realized she could no longer live in her own world. ‘Now it’s time to be brave’, she thought, and she said, “Hi.” As she approached with courage, the cold-looking world hugged her warmly. The warmth gave her strength. Finally, she felt the joy of interacting. Now I want to share the warmth I received from others.
Even with my clumsy touch, I wish that my energy will be delivered to you. “All is well !”
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