Untitled by Eden Andres

Ring  /  Classical

My work derives from Anxiety and Reassurance, which I have expressed through glass and metal. I have explored this contrast by focusing upon the interrelationship and individual properties of these two materials. Each material has been worked to create a varied range of related pieces. The glass has been formed in a fluid, natural manner to complement its properties, whereas I have controlled the metal: manipulating it into specific shapes that then encapsulate or expose the glass to enhance its fragility.
The metal forms encapsulating the delicate tails of the glass droplets, informs the wearer of its vulnerability, yet reinforce the protective element. This creates both tension and reassurance. When using the glass, en masse, to create a more robust structure, the metal serves as a connector to hold the pieces together, as they symbiotically relate to one another. The sound of glass against glass, in certain pieces, reminds the wearer of the delicacy and fragility of the material; the structure, however, in contrast, remains solid and secure.

Eden Andres
Silver, glass.
7 x 2 x 5 cm
Photo by:
Eden Andres

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