Belongings by Elisa Cazzaniga


This project aims to represent, in a metaphorical form, some of the aspects that migrants are forced to live on their journey to a safer place. With the aim of triggering empathy in our society, which is increasingly used to think of the worst of everything without getting informed first.
The body of work, through the use of objects, symbols, and jewellery, is an attempt to identify with people who are often rejected by society; it is, by interacting, and wearing the pieces on the body, to find out how migrants and refugees might feel and how we should behave accordingly.
The piece in the photo in particular, using a common symbol like the classic mountain backpack, describes the weight that refugees carry on their shoulders: the escape from their home due to a war, the duration of a trip that has not been chosen, the hostility found along the road and at the destination, the battle for a life that is not protected by anyone.
Elisa Cazzaniga
45 x 30 x 15 cm
From series:
No one chooses to be a refugee

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