Wishing by Elizabeth Handforth

This work expresses a love for the fluidity of metal. Sheet, hand formed sheet and pressed formed sheet are combined in the pieces. The metals’ inherent qualities are enhanced by a simplicity of form and construction.
Press forming, a technique associated with uniformity and mass production, has taken over my imagination. By playing with the tools, the metal is encouraged to flow in particular planes, into and over details, and to assume different surface textures. Methods include the use of deliberately mis-fitting dies and concentrating the power of the press onto specific areas. Consequently, each piece is unique.
No attempt to conceal the method of production is made – these tell-tale signs are its narrative. The edge is as important as the centre and all is embraced within a burnished frame.
These pieces are an attempt to get closer to an understanding of the behaviour and the beauty of metal.
Elizabeth Handforth
Gilding metal
12 x 12 x 4 cm

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