Condecoración al Ciudadano Hipotecado Medio by Elvira H. Mateu

Condecoración al Ciudadano Hipotecado Medio, 2012.

The decoration for the average citizen with a mortgage is awarded to civilians holding mortgage lending over their main residence. The prize aims to reward excellence in the fulfilment of mortgage duties.
Taking the type of pin used for military medals as a reference, 24 little niches form rows of four. Shiny number 25 represents the goal.
25 years is the average length of mortgage lending in Spain.
25 years in which the citizen with a mortgage builds up his or her decoration amongst the frames before taking centre stage.

Frame. // 2. Wooden or slat structure, used to extend and fix a painted canvas or paper, in particular frames that, when facing the audience, are placed on both sides of the stage and form part of the theatre decoration.

To make the pin, I asked a few people close to me to bring a piece of fabric from their mortgaged properties: upholstery, linen, bedding… fabric they have lived with and which has given them the warmth of home. Each canvas niche represents a name, a story, a decoration, a year paid, a year at home.
A pin for adding up, dreaming of number 25.
The piece comes with samples of the fabrics used, each marked with a reference made up by the initials of the owner and the numbers corresponding to the start and end dates of the mortgage.
A small sample of citizens deserving of this award.
An honour to grant it.

Congratulations and good luck!

Photo by Adolfo López
Elvira H. Mateu
Condecoración al Ciudadano Hipotecado Medio
Pine wood strips for modelling, brass, textiles
6.5 x 13.5 x 1.4 cm

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