Isole by Emanuele Ferraro

Furniture  /  Design   Geometric
Mixed technique.
Coffee table.

In the case of the “Isole” coffee table, the usually flat tabletop is divided into a visually interesting combination of surfaces of different sizes and heights, which form a composition of many small tables that are connected by a common base plate. Emanuelle Ferraro would like the table to adapt over the years to changing needs and thus refers to the approach of sustainability in his design. For him, sustainability means durability, flexibility, and beauty. A well-thought-out, versatile, practical, and appealing design prevents objects from being thrown away quickly and also underlines the individual approach to interior decoration. The table is made without the use of adhesives, instead, its individual parts are connected by a system of removable screws that make it easier to dismantle when moving and allow problem-free shipping. Adding different tabletop sizes and changing the height of the supports according to individual wishes and requirements is quick and easy to accomplish.

Emanuele Ferraro
30 x 50 x 100 cm
Photo by:
Fabian Frinzel

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