Allentiac. Kïtek by Encarnación Peralías

With my red threads I´ve built a time machine that takes me to the year 1552. I´m in Cuyo, North of Argentina, a beautiful valley where live the “Huarpes”, native American people who are extraordinarily pacific ones and experts in deep secrets of the Nature. A woman weaves in her loom; she warms herself with fire that she calls “kïtek”. She still doesn´t know that this evening a dark and terrible beast is coming to the little village. A monster with an ambition beyond measure: the damned “Spanish man” who will take her far away from home and who will sell her like maid. Later he will lock her man in a gold mine, he will beat her son to death in his plantation and he will rape her daughter. Finally he will take possession of her valley making slaves all her people. She still doesn´t imagine her loved language, the “Allentiac” will be forgotten forever. She still doesn’t know and she feels happy, playing with her fingers, with the thread, with the time. She´s suspending the instant in an eternal moment of peace…
Encarnación Peralías
Allentiac. Kïtek
Organza, thread, wire
43x26x18 cm

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