Insignia Frame by Esther Heite

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Published: 14.01.2021
Esther Heite
Insignia Frame
Stainless Steel
9 x 5 . 5 x 1.1 cm

Price: 550 €
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On sale at: Hannah Gallery
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Esther Heite is a designer with a focus on objects that interact with the human body. Her process-based approach combines technique, experiment and material studies and leads to innovative compositions. She creates jewellery collections and art pieces in her own particular manner ranging from poetic to rather clear and distinctive design. Her works, mainly made of metal, are distinguished by their technical finesse and the resulting aesthetic expression.

INSIGNIA is a group of jewellery pieces that reflects the relations between humans and objects. We are operating in a demanding material kosmos that gives an indication of the intangible world of humans desire and needs. Things are loved, forgotten, and remade; they give us hope, certainty, authority, privilege, they become a symbol, a fetish that has an influence on our actions.

On the special surface, I create a smooth transition between matte and reflecting steel. In some kind of way, the wearer disappears in the object. - Esther Heite
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