Shan.Hai by Fan Pan

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Published: 09.06.2022
Fan Pan
Rawhide, silver thread, acrylic.
24 x 16 x 20 cm
Photo by:
Zongquan Ling
Unique piece

Art crosses the mountains and the sea, and the artist is unique. At the time of the Shanhaijing, man revered nature, and man and nature were originally one. At that time, the five elements were the gods, and the mountains and the sea could be crossed, and they were the artisan gods between the mountains and the sea, each guarding one side of the mountains and the sea. I have extracted the elements of the five divine elements from the Shan Hai Jing and introduced them into the creation of jewellery using raw cowhide and silver, taking it from a flat ancient text to a three-dimensional piece of jewellery, thus expressing the fusion of traditional Chinese culture with contemporary jewellery.
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