Mets les voiles by Fanny Casano

Textile  /  Design   OnBody
Published: 17.02.2021
Fanny Casano
Mets les voiles
Sail fabric.
62 x 55 x 10 cm
Photo by:
Raphaëlle Mueller

For Fanny Casano, the wind-powered sailboat is one of the oldest means of transport and symbolizes the spirit of adventure. For her designs, she recycles boat sails. Thanks to an innovative and ingenious folding technique her designs can be partially collapsed and unfolded when necessary and when the weather changes. The reference to the material for sailing and the related associations convey some adventure in everyday life. Her designs include a narrow pocket that folds out into a larger pouch, a visor cap, the side parts of which can be folded out as face protection, and a blouson that can be converted into a windbreaker with a hood. The bright yellow colouring makes the work appear cheerful, and at the same time has a warning function due to the signal effect.

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