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Pleat generator

How to make a connection between jewellery and clothing through foldings? In the project It Folds, ‘pleat generators’ are incorporated into the garment. Together, these form the jewellery piece. 

I have been fascinated by the fashion industry all my life. As a child, I loved taking apart and reassembling clothes, shopping, making outfits and flicking through magazines. My fascination with jewellery came later. When I started studying in the Object & Jewellery department, the jewellery world opened up to me. During my education, I noticed that clothes and contemporary jewellery are rarely designed together to add value to each other. With a series of Pleat Generators, I want to form a symbiosis between clothing and jewellery. Moreover, draping allows a garment to create a certain mood and style without adding extra material. This is what makes a pleat so fascinating. Meandering over the body, folds tell their own story. These Pleat Generators can be considered a kind of letters, a language I create from the garment. Each generator has its own meaning, which the wearer can apply. These meanings have to do with the function of the Pleat Generator in relation to the garment, based on a feeling.
Felien Tytgat
Mirror acrylic
Unique piece

From series:
It Folds

Estimated price: 60 €

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