Untitled by Fengyang Jiang

Brooch  /  Floral
It's not a feeling of missing someone or a place, or a meeting or a morning, it's a very vague kind of feeling that comes from being in a familiar environment. As I am now in a different culture environment, I subconsciously look for similar elements around me to complement this feeling.
The whole project is built on such emotions. 
I chose to make the plastic packaging of mandarins into jewellery. This is both a reflection and distillation of the culture of hometown, as well as an integration and re-creation of the culture in a different context.
Sometimes people describe life in a foreign country in their mother tongue, sometimes they tell the story of their homeland in a foreign language. Cultural differences and interculturality are very grand themes. I tend to present them from a more intimate perspective. For this reason, the whole project seems to be closely related to food culture. After all, life is just three meals and a bed. The simplest wish is to eat and drink well wherever you are.
Fengyang Jiang
Plastic packages of mandarins, brass, thread
Unique piece

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Yuxi Lu

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