Red Folded Organic Form by Fernando Casasempere

Vessel  /  Abstract   Conceptual
Published: 11.02.2022
Fernando Casasempere
Red Folded Organic Form
Stoneware, minerals.
49 x 71 x 73 cm
Selected Finalist at the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2022.

This single ceramic form is created using a bespoke clay mix, comprised of stoneware and discarded materials from Chilean copper mining, lends the work its distinctive texture and rich, deep colour that speaks to a profound fascination with geology. Using hand-built coiling, an ancient technique that requires fine control, Casasempere has applied the weight of his body to press convex shapes into the vessel. This balance between slump and collapse has been carefully exploited taking the natural qualities of clay to the extremes of its possibilities, a metaphor for humanity’s indelible imprint on the earth.
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