Moving Rain by Florence Carter

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Capacitive light switch​.

As a craftsperson, my attention has become focused on the importance of our sense of touch. It is a sense that is so deeply rooted within us that it resides mostly within our subconscious. Touch is also a sense that has an intrinsic connection to our emotions. To highlight this, you can observe our etymology of language. In English the word feeling refers not only to our sense of touch but also to our emotions, the word tactless is used to describe someone who is emotionally clumsy, but when broken down it literally means, they lack touch.
This sense, however, combined with human conciseness is also what helps us to differentiate ourselves from our surroundings, providing us with the notion of self. This notion enables us to distance ourselves from our natural environment, causing us to often ignore our fundamental connection to nature.
With a focus on these connections, my work explores methods of incorporating natural tactile experiences into everyday interactions. Through craft practice and the application of technology I investigate how an object can create a deeper connection with its user emotionally, and through doing so also aim to create a momentary reconnection with nature.
Florence Carter
Moving Rain
Hardwood, brass.
20 x 20 x 5 cm

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