Real? Unreal? by Francesca Zilli

Still life photo by Claudio Morelli; The piece on body photo by Martina Marzella.

Mirror retains a powerful ability to directly engage people.

Some take advantage of the reflective properties to explore, fragment, ask questions of perception, to create and distort space and environment, or allow people to contemplate themselves in their own reflections.
Look At You is about the involvement of human perception through the use of the sight.
People so often see their image reflected in the mirror but not always what we see in a surface reflected the reality of the things. The appearance is deceiving and in our reality, nothing is as it seems.
Francesca Zilli
Real? Unreal?
Black rhodium plated silver, Plexiglas.
7.1 x 1.4 cm
From series:
Look at You

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