Resistance in blue by Fridolin Bär

Object  /  Abstract
Published: 17.02.2021
Fridolin Bär
Resistance in blue
35 x 33 x 7 cm
Photo by:
Fridolin Bär

For Fridolin Bär, the process of creative activity also has a meditative meaning. For him, it is about conflict, resistance, confrontation and transformation, instinct, and emotions. For him, the material becomes a medium of gestural expression. This becomes obvious in his work "Resistance", which is characterized by a strong, dynamic style, which is conveyed in an almost archaic way in the deep, lively, partly counter-rotating grooves and the heaped-up clay. The glaze follows the ups and downs of the relief in the depth of the colours. In the three-part work "Any emotion you like" Fridolin Bär deals with the emotion itself. He uses the intuitive and meditative side of the work to make the hidden beauty visible and tangible. His concern is to transform abstract feelings into something tangible and transfer them to another medium so that a kind of emotional handprint is created.

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