Monviso by Fritz Maierhofer

Published: 21.05.2014
Fritz Maierhofer
Unique piece

Some years later, in the spring of 2013, there was a three-month stay in Cherasco, Italy – from there only on a few clear days a year it is possible to see the Monviso - a mountain of 3.800-meter height! This is very impressive because it looks like this magic formation high up in the sky and in my imagination it might just one day fall into the old town! Therefore, I ended up painting it and later on making brooches out of paper.

For the past two years, I have been making wall objects and jewellery which depict real and imagined mountains out of iron with industrial enamel. This project started in 2015 in the “Künstlerwerkstätten” in Erfurt, Germany where I was accepted to join a group of international artists and take part in their workshop.

“My” mountains came into being.
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