Purposeful Accidents by Gabrielė Šlekytė

Brooch  /  Landscape
I'm fascinated by what old urban and rural walls tell me. It seems I have discovered a secret door to a new connection with my everyday surroundings. Through captured images, a rich tapestry unfolds—landscapes taking shape, fragments of the world map, a vibrant microworld teeming with life, layers of history or people's personal stories. 
 When I discover a meaningful result through my process, it instantly holds great value for me. Consequently, it is vital that I continue to explore and provide room for the growth of this material, allowing it to be incorporated into jewelry that can be cherished when worn on the body. With my work, I aim to attract people's attention to the unique qualities of those created layers. I hope to evoke that same personal response and curiosity that arises when time seems to stand still, and we can explore every part of a piece.
Gabrielė Šlekytė
Purposeful Accidents
Plaster, paint, wax, stainless steel
7.3 x 1.2 x 12 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Gabrielė Šlekytė

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