SHAVOT by Gal Shaked

Neckpiece  /  Design
Statement: Gal Shaked designed jewelry for women with mobility impairments. SHAVOT (meaning equal and worthy, but also colloquially hot and attractive in Hebrew) addresses the place of inclusive design in the commercial jewelry industry. Shaked made sure his collection was accessible to women with mobility impairments. “Women with disabilities deserve to look beautiful and fashionable too,” said Shaked. Six women with disabilities took part in the project, and each had a unique design tailored to her needs and style. The materials and technique for each piece in SHAVOT were chosen to match each woman’s personality, ability, and individual taste. By designing the collection to adorn all women, regardless of ability, Shaked seeks to raise awareness of accessibility and equality issues in the fashion industries.
Gal Shaked
Silver, chains, gold plating.

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