Untitled by Giorgi Danibegashvili

Object  /  Conceptual
Hand-woven silk, handmade paper.

The works from the series “Gardens of the Universe” are cylindrical, box-like in shape, and are determined by the beauty and different surface properties of the two materials used, silk and paper, which complement each other in character. The colours are subtly coordinated. Giorgi Danibegashvili describes the flow of circular movements with his objects. His concern is the translation of the living flow of forms. This movement refers to the basic theme of the series - that of transformation.

Giorgi Danibegashvili
Silk, handmade paper.
9.5 x 6 x 9.5 cm
From series:
Gardens of the Universe
Photo by:
Giorgi Danibegashvili

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