Fatroll by Gretal Ferguson

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Gretal Ferguson’s current work explores the juxtaposition between material and form. Through the use of traditional silversmithing techniques, she turns metal into fat, creating precariously drooping objects imbued with personality.
Observing the natural movement of fat rolls and flesh creases, Gretal takes these observations and creates her own quirky interpretation of flesh. While far from a straight recreation of fat, the small creases and rolls incorporated into the forms lend character to the objects. These recognisable human traits help to personify the work, as you subconsciously acknowledge something familiar.   
Heavily influenced by street art and popular culture, the aesthetic of these chubby objects is informed by the plump lines of fat graffiti murals, with the quirky nature of these influences creating something cheeky in the work.
This cheeky nature can further be seen through stop-motion videos which accompany the objects. The idea of showing these chubby forms gradually drooping and flumping over edges further informs the shape of the objects, with each piece representing a stage in the fast progression. This paired with the precarious nature of the objects installation creates a distinct sense of movement throughout the series.
Gretal Ferguson
Silver plated gilding metal.
14 x 12 x 10 cm

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