Jelly park by Hana Lin

I have brought some elements of my paintings into the themes of my jewellery. All my paintings have their own stories, consequently all my jewellery pieces have their own stories too. The wearer of my jewellery can get more than just a single piece of accessory - they can also wear a dream and a mysterious part of my world.

My work could be described as ‘whimsical’, but there is always a dark, sinister undertone as well. I like to create objects which have a disturbing or odd meaning behind them, but visually look just lovely and even innocent. I create my quirky and sometimes surreal view of the world. For example, I would imagine that the top of the body and the bottom of the body would want to go different ways, so they have decided to disconnect and go separate ways.

I like to use ready-made objects as materials or images in my work, such as candy boxes, bar-codes or small toys, things that represent everyday life and society today. These materials and colours are normally associated with childhood or even childishness; it might remind people of happy, pure, sweet feelings. In contrast, the shapes or meanings of my pieces have very dark feelings indeed

I hope my jewellery allows people to share my inner world, my passion for art and the possibility to see the world with different eyes.
Hana Lin
Jelly park
Mixed media

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