Mistakes of Retus 1 by Hanna Kim

Brooch  /  Pop   Fashion   Organic   Conceptual
Sanding and bonding.

According to Kim Hanna, perception consists of discontinuous moments, whereby connections between these moments can be viewed as continuous - it, therefore, seems impossible to recognize an objective fact as such. An optical illusion distorts objective shapes to make human perception easier. Kim Hanna deals with this problem of objective and subjective perception, with the components to which perception is bound, and transfers them to her jewellery. She works with regularly arranged elements made of plastic in contrasting colours. These thin platelets are arranged in such a way that they arrange themselves into curving strands that intertwine and overlap, creating a three-dimensional, dynamic, seemingly moving composition. The precisely and mathematically calculated patterns are perceived and interpreted differently by the viewer, as the visual and psychological levels are combined in the perception. The resulting effect of the optical illusion is different for each viewer, and therefore completely subjective.

Hanna Kim
Mistakes of Retus 1
Plastic, sterling silver.
13 x 8.5 x 3 cm
Photo by:
KC Studio

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