Untitled by Hannah Molly Brown

Textile  /  Narrative

Statement: How can craft be a tool for humbling and empowering humanity? Since spending time in Peru, I have developed a strong understanding that our relationship to materials, particularly crafted items, demonstrates and is also able to change, our understanding of people and cultures. Where we come to value the makers behind objects, we can learn to become a less disposable society, as we come to understand the humanity in the craft. I aim to encourage reflection and inspiration, to move mindsets away from disposable culture. It is the humanity in crafts that unifies, inspires, and records. Within our own hands lies the power for understanding and change. I work with recycled materials if textiles, wood, and steel.
Hannah Molly Brown
Tool roll opened. Iron dyed old sheet. Printed with a narrative of hands demonstrating the humanity in craft and the ability of reusing. The nomadic nature of handcraft offers emancipation.

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