Wrinkles by Hanyao Lin

Brooch  /  Geometric

In my observation, people’s demandof jewellery is not only as a decoration, but also as a language to express personality. It’s my aim to make wearers feel like their true selves while wearing the objects. I made these brooches that help people frame their identity, while complementing their clothing and thus contouring their personal taste. By wearing the brooch, the wrinkles around the object can magnify your character. Interacting with your brooch by assembling and pinning it onto the clothing becomes a ritual in its own self. The use of the hair bands references how these everyday objects become a piece of jewellery; hair bands already having the potential of jewellery by adorning our hair and wrists. In the process of assembling, wearers feel playful, stretching the variety of colours of elastic bands onto the blank silver frame.
Hanyao Lin
Sterling silver, 9ct gold and elastic.
7 x 0.8 x 7 cm
Photo by:
Hanyao Lin

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