Untitled by Haoyue Zhuang

Published: 06.10.2022
Haoyue Zhuang
Gold plated brass, resin.
Photo by:
Martina Vittoria Oberti
Unique piece

From series:
Across the dimension: a journey to Eddie's world
The idea of extra dimensions is an entire world free for people to discover. We can only hypothesize these extra dimensions by using mathematical tools, calculations, and our imagination. Once upon a time, I had a dream. In that dream there was a voice in a red room, that was telling me: “For you, you three-dimensional creature, to study the hyper-dimension is useless. You couldn’t really understand it.”
That made me even more curious about the hyper-dimension afterward. I kept researching this concept even though I knew I wouldn’t really perceive the higher dimensional experience. But I know I can transform it, into an artistic abstraction.
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