Untitled by HeeSong Yoo

Vase  /  Geometric
Wheel thrown, faceted, bonded, oxidation firing at 1280°C.

HeeSong Yoo first designs for her vessels a series of distinctive individual shapes, which she then combines and puts together in different ways. She plays with the forms and experiments with the possibilities of composition, looks for dynamic silhouettes and reflects about how she can overcome the limitations of the turning technique. It is her concern to produce beautiful objects that fit into the lives of the users and bring joy. She defines a successful ceramic object as "having a unique figure, displaying its beauty without being too overwhelming, and blending naturally with its ambience". Her vase objects consist of laterally flattened circular and cylindrical shapes on which other small forms with openings are placed. These smaller elements are disc-shaped, conical, cylindrical, and fluted. This combination creates unusual and very distinctive vase objects.

HeeSong Yoo
White porcelain, coloured glaze.
16 x 10.5 x 20.5 cm
Photo by:
HeeSong Yoo

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