Speleogenesis by Heidi Nicholson

Object  /  Organic
Ladle-cast with kiln-cast inclusion, decorated with metals and oxides.

Heidi Nicholson's inspirations are geological forces and their effects on the beauty of the landscape. She is particularly interested in what happens in and above the earth as well as in the relationship between these two elements, between the hidden and the visible. She recognizes a parallel relationship in human beings concerning the concealing and revealing of their own feelings, the exploration of the individual psyche. On the technical and handicraft side, she is interested in new glass processing methods. In the works from the series “Speleogenesis”, a vessel is thrown into molten glass, whereby the geological forces of heat and pressure are associated. Colours and structures are created by adding metals and oxides, which change in contact with the hot glass and form bubbles. Inside the glass, fascinating, dynamic movements, textures, and colour gradients arise, which alternate between change and the freezing of a moment.

Heidi Nicholson
26.5 x 15 x 15 cm
Photo by:
Heidi Nicholson

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