The Multisensory Drinking Experience by Helena Rusell

Vessel  /  Geometric

The Multisensory Drinking Experience: Enhancing the senses through a combination of craft practices.
One of the most common rituals we encounter in everyday life is sitting down and having a drink, whether that is a warming, huggable cup of coffee at the beginning of your day or going out for social drinks with friends after a long day at work, we all know that satisfying ‘
ahhhh’ after we take the first sip. But is this ritual becoming rushed and forgotten about through takeaway cups and ‘session’ drinking? When was the last time you sat back and appreciated your drink, with all your senses?
Each of these vessels has their own character and aim to enhance different senses, through their form, texture,
sizeand finish. Some are shaped to increase the aromas, some to consider where the vessel ‘should’ be drank from and others tactile finishes caused during the making process intrigue the user to caress each mark left from hammer blows in the silver vessels or the considered indents in the ceramic vessels.
Helena Rusell
The Multisensory Drinking Experience
Sterling silver, ceramics, wood.
30 x 14 x 30 cm
Photo by:
Helena Rusell

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